Who we are:
We are dedicated to every victim of abuse, for the survivors of spousal abuse, thier children and especially the families of the fallen. For anyone who has lost a loved one, children or grandchildren by the hands of an abuser. For those who are in current struggle to be set free legally, financially, spiritually and emotionally. We give our hearts to you.
*We offer REAL SUPPORT, education, information and intervention. We are advocates for families and all victims of abuse.

​*We DO NOT offer lega​l advice or counseling services, rather support and free information.

​*We solely exsist out of NEED and are​ independantly funded.

​*We are not in any way affiliated with local, state goverment agency or office. We DO NOT discrimenate based on​ social, economic, or religous status. We DO NOT discrimenate based on race, age, gender, or orientation.

                                        Freedom starts here.